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PostSubject: Nutcase new piggy   Nutcase new piggy Icon_minitimeThu Apr 30, 2009 9:58 am

Nutcase new piggy 582823 I am totally new to GPs, although I am a rodent lover and animal lover in general and have owned most "pocket pets", various birds, and 62 different species of reptiles in the past.

I have two boys coming home on Friday (babies given to a HIGH-quality pet store after they were weaned - born from mommies brought home already pregnant), and I'm excited - George is laid back and Samson is still slighty a spaz but nice. Smile

But there is a neurotic GP from the store's general breeder. He gets picked on and will serriously fight with any other group of GPs he's with. He also barbers any fur he can find that is NOT his own. That includes human arm hair. He was about to be sent back to the breeder, but I feel I could give him a good home since he needs to be NEAR other GPs but can't live WITH them. Sam sure hates him (I put Neuro in the cage with Sam and George for 1 minute, and Sam was still yelling 45 minutes later about it! Sam threatened Neuro first though and made the first move for the attack). George doesn't mind him I don't think. But... Dunno.

My bigest thing, is I'm wondering about anti-psychotic medications. I'm a pharmacy tech, so I deal with meds all day and know what they can do for people. Many anti-psys have a liquid form and we could always give a GP a TINY TINY amount of the meds if that might be possible. Is there something I can do to maybe help Neuro with his... mental status? Note - because there was NO WHERE else to put him in the store, they put him in with a long-haired lazy dwarf bunny that will cuddle with Neuro, and now Neuro has made the back 1/2 of the rabbit short-haired... *cough* I have no problem in having him in his own cage in the house - I'm even thinking of making the cage a LOT longer (6-7 units instead of 3-4) so as Neuro can have his own space while S and G have their cage, and have the two halves separated by a wire wall so they can talk and be near one another...

Is that a good idea or should the cages be farther apart? What about play time out of the cage? Is there a way to get them used to each other so they can all be out and playing in the large living room for awhile each day and be able to get along mostly? Or could I have them roaming the house after it is GP-safe, all three out together but in a large enough area they might not fight? Thus easier to do the out-of-cage time. Smile

I have no problem doing what I need to do to keep them all safe and happy, I just want to do what I can to help Neuro with his... issues.

Pictures when I can, which should be this weekend I think. :D Thank you for your help!!!! Nutcase new piggy 146711

George: Nutcase new piggy 440327 (white, tan, and red all mixed in!

Sampson: Nutcase new piggy 354303 (without butt color)

Neuro: Nutcase new piggy 311499 With funny swirly fur! :D
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Nutcase new piggy
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