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 Hi from Petlee .... Australia

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PostSubject: Hi from Petlee .... Australia   Mon Dec 01, 2008 5:39 pm

Hi everyone, and thank you for letting me join your forum.
I live in Elizabeth, South Australia and I just love all animals.

I have 4 cats, who I bred myself.......Billy (10 yrs) a blue longhair, Jenny (10 yrs) his sister a blue tortishell longhair, Tortie (12 yrs) their Auntie, a black tortishell shortcoat and Sally (9 yrs), Tortie's daughter, a tortishell and white shortcoat.

Along with 2 glod lilac argente Rats... 1 male called Caremal 18 months and 1 female called Tar-Jar 5 months old.

And 1 blue mini rex rabbit called Thumper who is 5 months old.

Then we have my piggies.......... well way too many to name as there would be close to 130 of them.
I will just tell you what breeds they are......... I breed ...............

Dalmatians in - chocolate - beige - lilac - gold - saffron - buff - gold lilac - silver agouti - gold agouti - chocolate agouti - cinnamon agouti - cream agouti - lemon agouti

Satin Dalmatians ......... black - chocolate - saffron - buff - gold lilac - gold agouti - silver agouti

Crested Dalmatians........ black - chocolate - gold agouti - silver agouti

Satin Crested Dalmatians........ black - gold agouti - red - chocolate

And I am going to try to breed some ticked american cresteds in the new year.

I really like to keep myself over worked ......but in all I coundn't live without them....

Yours In Spotz..........Lee
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PostSubject: Re: Hi from Petlee .... Australia   Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:34 pm

Wow, and I thought I had a lot of pets Smile Welcome to the forum and we'll love to see pics of all your pets.


Machito Pulguita Osito Cenizo
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Hi from Petlee .... Australia
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