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 Piggy Pharmacy

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PostSubject: Piggy Pharmacy   Piggy Pharmacy Icon_minitimeSat Nov 01, 2008 7:43 am

It's always a good idea to have certain items on hand in case of even a minor emergency. Keeping the items together in one place, where it's easy to reach, also helps. Here's a good starter list of things to have in a piggy pharmacy.

Stypic pen/for minor bleeding such as cutting a nail too short or getting a poke or scratch. Available in the health and beauty section of the supermarket, usually around the razors and razor blades.
Qtips or cotton swabs/keep some in a baggy to apply any ointments to small places, to clean ears, or to swab small wounds. Available in the health and beauty aisles at the supermarket.
Wound Wash/good for washing wounds before bandaging, or just so they are clean while healing. It's good to have on hand if it's necessary to keep an open wound clean. Available in the first aid aisle at the supermarket.
Cotton pads/good for cleaning minor wounds. Available in the beauty aisle of the supermarket.
*Gauze pads/for bandaging wounds. Available in the first aid aisle with the bandaids.
*Gauze roll/good for keeping gauze pads on wounds.Available in the first aid aisle with the bandaids.
Pedialyte/a good liquid for sick, injured or recovering pigs who can't get enough water. Pedialyte contains electrolytes that give the pig more of a boost than plain water provides. It is available in the babyfood aisle of the supermarket or department store, and comes in small bottles. Use a syringe to feed Pedialyte to the pig.
Critical Care/used for syringe feeding sick, injured or recovering pigs. Available from Oxbow or where Oxbow products are sold in pet stores.
Petroleum jelly or Vasoline/good for coating small wounds so they stay clean. Use just a little to coat the wound. Available in the health and beauty aisles of the supermarket, usually where ointments for dry skin are located, or with the first aid items.
Vick's Vaporub or mentholated oils/I prefer to put it on the inside of the pigloo or house, though people with a lot of experience put it on the piggy nose. Just use enough to slightly scent the air, if the pig has a stuffy nose. It will help the pig breathe, and not temp the pig to lick the rub. Available in the cold/flu treatment aisle of the supermarket or department store.
Syringes/it's good to have a few different sized syringes on hand, a couple for feeding liquids, and a couple for feeding a pellet mash or critical care. Putting the syringe in the corner of the pig's mouth keeps the pig from spitting out the meds or tonguing the syringe out of the mouth. Available in pet stores. Try the cat aisle.
Small notebook/this is great for recording weight, eating/drinking habits, and anything else a vet might need to know to treat a sick or injured pig. The stationary or office supply aisle of most stores.

*In case of a bad wound, having gauze pads and a roll of gauze to use to hold the pads on the wound buys time while getting the pig to the vet.Take wounded or injured pigs to the vet ASAP. Most emergency vets are willing to let pet owners make payments, so don't let a lack of money keep you from taking your pet to the vet.

Don't use any pain killers/asprin, antacids, poison counters like Epicac or any other over the counter medication that is dose-specific. Ask the vet for recommendations on any of those over the counter treatments, so the vet can recommend the right items and the right dosages.

I will update the list if I remember anything I forgot.
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PostSubject: Re: Piggy Pharmacy   Piggy Pharmacy Icon_minitimeSat Nov 01, 2008 8:47 pm

Laurie, this is very important to hae in our house. Thanks for the list you provided. So far I have a couple of your instruments.

- Qtips
- Stypic pen
- Wound wash (peroxide water, do you recommend it?)
- Cotton pads (for make-up, but it can be used in my piggies Smile)
- Vicks Vaporub
- Small notebook

I have to buy the rest at work.

Thanks for the list!!!!!!

Piggy Pharmacy IloveMyBabies

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Piggy Pharmacy
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