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 Uterine Inertia

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PostSubject: Uterine Inertia   Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:54 am

Uterine Inertia is when the muscles of the uterus do not contract or weaken while farrowing (giving birth) the pups, this condition makes it impossible for the sow to give birth therefore, the pups die before they are born and if they get to pass the birth canal they will be dead. If emergency care is not provided the sow and pups will die. The vet might consider to try oxytocin to weaken the muscle trying to help the sow to give birth, there has been cases in which oxytocin has not worked. Please DO NOT breed and if you do, do it RESPONSABLY


Machito Pulguita Osito Cenizo
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Uterine Inertia
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