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 A little bit of cavy history.

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PostSubject: A little bit of cavy history.   Tue Jan 08, 2008 6:02 am

Researchers have come to conclusions that cavies existed thousands years ago and were domesticated by the South American natives. They used it as a food and religious source, they raised and breed them to keep some as pets others for food and others were used to religious sacrifices. The even of November 16 in 1532 changed the life of guinea pigs. The Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro arrived at this region capturing the leather of the Indians and killing almost the neighborhood. This conquistador then discovered the guinea pigs raised by the Indians and decided to transport the cavies to the Spanish empire which classified the guinea pigs as a first class meal. Therefore, the traveling time started for the guinea pigs and they started to invade Europe, where they were referred and known as guinea pigs. Researchers have come to the conclusions that guinea pigs arrived at Europe 300 years ago. Their character called the attention to the population of Europe and geneticists and breeders started to raise them as a pet and a hobby, but studying their genetics and keeping a record of every type of breed created with their actions. Therefore, years past and the guinea pig was known as a “perfect pet for kids and adults” due to its size and docile character. In the seventeenth century they were imported to North American where they were classified as the perfect companion for children and adults. In 1800 laboratories started to use guinea pigs as research models to study nutrition, genetics, toxicology, and pathology. In today’s society guinea pigs are much less used in laboratories than in earliest times. Guinea pigs are still raised in captivity and used as a source of food in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Fortunately for guinea pigs in Europe and north America they are raised as pet because of their personality and kindness.


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A little bit of cavy history.
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